Energy Evaluation Tool

The information provided below will allow us to make an initial evaluation of the economic and financial benefits of installing a renewable energy system at the address provided. Physical address is necessary to obtain precise latitude and longitude coordinates. The report can also incorporate loan analysis, but that’s not required for an initial evaluation.

The report output will include:

  • Annual Cash Flow
  • Payback Period and IRR%
  • Net Present Value
  • Energy Output
  • Lifetime Cost of Energy (Electricity price for the life of the installation)

Our report will incorporate the following:

  • Total Installations Costs
  • Tax Credits
  • Eligible Grants
  • Depreciation if a business
  • Energy Costs
  • Energy Inflation Rate
  • Tax implications on energy savings if a business
  • Loan Payments and Interest Deduction if Applicable
  • Residual Value of Installation

If you have any questions, please call Cal Morton at 713-825-0000

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